Eric Samuel Timm

Pastor, husband, father, and fellow human, a Netflix subscriber, B- Philosopher, A+ rated eBay seller, a dreamer, a doer, a warrior, a poet with paint brushes… AND A NYC 2023 SPEAKER!!

Eric Samuel Timm is a Minnesota-based hope communicator. As a Christian speaker and Bible teacher, live artist painter, author, and public school motivational speaker, Eric has brought hope to more than 3 million people live, in 36 different countries for the past 19 years. Speaking and painting in a wide range of venues including arenas, music festivals, concert tours, churches, corporate events, camps, conferences, and public schools, Eric’s desire is to help you move your community to be inspired and take action.

Eric has founded The Axe Academy, a leadership academy for the next generation, Painting Hope (501c3) which serves Public Schools, and which is a speaker training for communicators.

Eric lives in Southern Minnesota with his wife and three children where they live life to the fullest!